The laboratory of SISIFO contains several simulation exercises with the aim of guiding the student through all stages in a practical design of a grid-connected PV system, from relevant meteorological data mining to the cost estimation of produced energy.

     The proposed exercises are the result of the experience obtained from teaching PV systems simulation in university courses and they have been designed for this main purpose. Nevertheless, they can be also used as a self-learning material.

     They form a coherent set as a whole but their realization must be worked out on an individual basis and in sequential manner.
The list of exercises is the following:

1 Databases: solar irradiation, temperature and turbidity
2 Analysis of horizontal solar irradiation
3 Analysis of instantaneous operation conditions
4 Equipment, compatibility & distribution
5 Angle of inclination
6 Angle of orientation
7 Separation between generator lines
8 Static vs. Tracking structures
9 Relative size of generator & inverter
10 Final design and cost estimation

You can download the book of simulation exercises here.